The History of Hemp Cultivation

Hemp Cultivation
Hemp Cultivation
Hemp Cultivation
Hemp Cultivation

Hemp has been a part of people’s lives even before centuries. It was used for food and fiber in ancient China, Mesopotamia, and many other parts of the world. Important applications of hemp in the ancient days includes making fabric, rope, paper, sailcloth, etc. Hemp seeds and flowers were also used for producing oil, and it is established that this plant was used for medicinal purposes during the period of 2700 BC spanning to Roman times.

What Is Hemp?

Many people often associate hemp with marijuana. But you have to be aware that these plants vary greatly in terms of their properties. Even though they are members of the same family, there are a large number of unique traits that set them apart. One of the important properties that help to distinguish hemp from marijuana is the amount of THC present in them. Hemp plants will have only 0.3% of this psychoactive compound, whereas, marijuana will contain higher concentrations of THC. Therefore, marijuana will result in intoxicating effects but hemp will not.

Legalization Of Hemp

When talking about the history of hemp, it is important to mention its legalization in the US. Even though hemp cultivation was widespread in the US before centuries, the cultivation of this plant was legally approved in the year 2018 by the Farm Bill. This bill was signed into law by Donald Trump, the president of America. This bill also made it legal to extract and sell CBD products from hemp plants. However, the concentration of THC in these products should not exceed 0.3%.

The Evolution Of CBD Industry

The legalization of hemp made it possible for people to get access to CBD products easily. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound present in the hemp plant that carries a wide range of health benefits. The Farm Bill of 2018 made it legal for manufacturers to extract and sell CBD products from the hemp plant. After this bill, the CBD industry has flourished greatly. You can find a large number of CBD manufacturers in the industry who creates a wide range of CBD products.

Now, you will be able to get many hemp products in the market including CBD oil, hempseed oil, etc. These products can be used for treating a variety of health conditions in humans. Therefore, the popularity of hemp plants is greatly increasing today. You can find a large number of hemp farmers and CBD manufacturers who are trying to popularize the products made from this plant.

Hemp plant carries a great history. The medicinal properties of this plant ware recognized even before centuries. It has been used by ancient people to make clothing, paper, etc. The popularity of these plants is still increasing, as different compounds present in them are found to elicit a large number of health benefits.

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