The Role Of Flavonoids In CBD Oil

Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil
Flavonoids In CBD Oil

The cannabis plant contains a wide array of compounds. Among them, compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes are greatly popular and most studied members. In addition to these compounds, there is a large variety of other plant compounds present in the cannabis plant. One among them is flavonoids. These are important plant compounds in the cannabis plant that add a lot of unique traits to it.

Your CBD oil can have flavonoids along with other compounds present in the cannabis plant. Hence, you might be curious about the role of flavonoids in CBD oil. We provide some of the important details you want to know about these important compounds.

Flavonoids In CBD Oil

Different flavonoids are found in the hemp or cannabis plants. These compounds are not a distinct feature of cannabis, as they are found in a lot of other plants too. However, there are certain flavonoids that are only present in the cannabis plant, and they are known as cannaflavins.

Like terpenes, flavonoids also play a significant role in how we perceive CBD oil through our senses. Apart from adding aroma and flavor to your CBD oil, flavonoids are known for many other properties too. Some of them are listed below:

Flavonoids Are Present Throughout Nature

These compounds are present in a large number of plants. It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 flavonoids present in nature that vary in their features.

Flavonoids give color pigmentation to plants, especially flowers, which is important for pollination. Many non-green fruits and vegetables owe their brilliant colors partly to flavonoids. These compounds also share a role in protecting plants from the harm caused by UV rays, diseases, pests, etc.

Flavonoids Add Character To Cannabis

Along with playing an important role in adding a particular flavor and aroma to cannabis plants, flavonoids also provide various qualities to different strains that can be useful to distinguish between them.

Flavonoids also impact the pigmentation of the cannabis plant. For example, the deep purple color of some cannabis strains is obtained from certain flavonoids called anthoxanthins or anthocyanins.

Flavonoids May Have Medicinal Properties

It is found that like cannabinoids and terpenes, flavonoids can also have some medicinal properties. A flavonoid called quercetin has antioxidant and anti-fungal properties, whereas, another flavonoid known as catechins can help with cardiovascular health.

Different flavonoids exhibit different medicinal properties and the presence of these compounds can enhance the benefits of CBD oil. Hence, it is better to choose full-spectrum CBD products that will have all these compounds including flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

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