CBD During Pregnancy: Safety And Efficacy

CBD For Heart Failure
CBD For Heart Failure
CBD During Pregnancy
CBD During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase where most women experience some form of discomfort including nausea, vomiting reflex, anxiety, morning sickness, and more. Pregnant women have to take utmost care in choosing the right medication at the time. Everything matters during pregnancy, that is, their environment, the food they eat, the air they breathe, and their mental stress affect the fetus. The trending market product, CBD is effective in treating most of the symptoms associated with pregnancy. Let us analyze whether consuming CBD during pregnancy is advisable.

Is CBD Safe During Pregnancy?

Most CBD products come with many cannabinoids. Different cannabinoids interact differently with our biological systems. CBD and THC are two important active cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Since THC has an intoxicating nature that leads to side effects, CBD products containing THC are not recommended for pregnant women. Doctors ask pregnant women to refrain from smoking marijuana or using THC products of any form. It may lead to the birth of underweight babies. Poor quality CBD products may contain harmful pesticides and metal toxins. These chemicals could reach the fetus through the placenta. This deranges the normal fetal brain development.

Why Do Pregnant Women Take CBD?

Pregnant women, who wish to take CBD for handling their pregnancy symptoms, should choose CBD isolate because its cannabinoid profile is all about CBD. It has 0% THC. Here are some of the benefits of CBD for pregnant women:

Handles Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This condition is generally referred to as morning sickness. It is marked by nausea and frequent vomiting. Recurrent vomiting could lead to dehydration that is fatal for both mother and fetus. Medications are available to handle Hyperemesis gravidarum but many of them have some side effects. CBD can handle nausea and vomiting without leading to any side effects.

Handles Sleeplessness 

Sleeplessness is common in pregnant women. Adequate rest is important during pregnancy and having to struggle to get enough sleep at night, adversely affects their health. CBD is an effective solution for sleeplessness that is entirely different from common sleep-inducing drugs. The activity level during the day influences the sleep you get at night. CBD acts as a sleep-wake cycle regulator. It keeps you active during the day and helps sleep peacefully during the night.

The research about the effects of CBD on pregnant women is limited because it is not that easy to get approval to conduct any research involving pregnant participants. More research is required on the subject to find out the complete potential of CBD in handling pregnancy-related symptoms.

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