What You Need To Know About CBD For Sexual Performance

CBD Oil Capsules
CBD Oil Capsules
CBD For Sex
CBD For Sex

There are increasing pieces of anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol helps to improve sex performance. Cannabis is legally allowed in several US states, so products infused with cannabidiol that are advertised as for improved sex have already started proliferating. CBD lubricants are only some of these products.

Now, does the cannabidiol in the lubricants or other products benefit you sexually? Read on to know how the botanical compound possibly affects the human body, and consequently, one’s sex drive. We will highlight research and likely secondary effects of utilizing CBD for sex.

How Cannabidiol Possibly Improves Sex Drive

Further studies are needed to confirm cannabidiol’s mechanism of action, but people utilize it to reduce sexual anxiety, boost libido, ease painful sex, and improve sexual pleasure. To know how it potentially affects sex drive, we will look at its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system.

Cannabidiol And The ECS

Scientists hypothesize that cannabidiol works by impacting the ECS, a rather unknown system associated with certain vital body functions. The so-called endocannabinoid system has an effect on the brain’s reaction to inflammation, plus it regulates the reproductive, urinary, and digestive tracts of the body.

Further research is required for mapping out the precise interaction of cannabidiol with the human endocannabinoid system. Anyhow, CBD may activate the cannabinoid receptors which trigger a chain of responses to stimulate this system. Through the indirect process involving CBD that activates the receptors, the human body reacts with inflammation-reducing effects.

Cannabidiol And The Effects Of It On Sex Drive

Present research on the ECS reveals that receptors are present in reproductive organs, such as the testicles. Nonetheless, there exist contentious results regarding what happens next. Further research indicates that chronic marijuana use in men reduced libido, while its infrequent utilization boosted it in women and men.

Meanwhile, other pieces of research point to the capability of a product described as ‘CBD for sex’ to reduce the related anxiety. Sex performance-related anxiety is likely to reduce libido, so experts feel that cannabidiol’s anti-anxiety properties could just boost it. They hypothesize that lowering anxiety would improve sex drive.

Can It Cause Your Sex To Last Longer?

Cannabidiol can aid you in balancing the levels of hormones in your body. With the ECS working to maintain homeostasis, a state of bodily balance, the advantages of cannabidiol might just encourage multifaceted wellness. It might include a boost in libido that could encourage sex lasting longer.

There exists much anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol improves orgasms and that it offers heightened sensations. Over 5,000 US citizens were recently surveyed about their use of cannabidiol for sex. Almost the same number of women and men participants said that it improved orgasms, plus some of them report that cannabidiol eased their sex-related anxiety.

The survey was done without controlling the hemp extract concentrations, but it is potentially a good idea to use full-spectrum-type CBD products for sex. The products contain cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, the two most active phytocannabinoids in hemp that seem to synergistically affect each other. Together, these are potentially more efficacious in helping to make one’s sex life better. When it comes to using it for sex, remember that cannabidiol has likely side effects.

Negative Secondary Effects Of Hemp Cannabidiol

As with any other health product, cannabidiol could just have unwanted effects on some individuals. For instance, you might have an allergy after using certain topical CBD products. When you ingest CBD, nausea, loss of appetite or sleepiness are likely to happen.

Using the hemp extract each day with your existing medication, may either reduce the beneficial effects of one of these products or it may cause negative effects. There exists a misconception that these are CBD side effects. Rather, these happen as a result of drug-drug interaction.

A concern regarding cannabidiol is the impact of it on our capability to produce offspring. A study from 2006 demonstrated that cannabis use reduces the odds of women conceiving. Cannabidiol is also shown to reduce sperm growth in men, plus it could just disrupt women’s menstrual cycles.

The study used cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinol, so we cannot just say that the adverse effects happen only after cannabidiol use. In the event of fertility bothering you, sticking to low-THC CBD might be a wise thing to do. This way, only some amount of tetrahydrocannabinol will enter your body.

Anyhow, the FDA has not approved most over-the-counter (OTA) CBD items. People are supposed to use almost every CBD product in the form of a supplement, not as a drug. The federal government agency has approved just a single CBD item, but even it is a prescription drug for certain epileptic seizures.

This means you are unlikely to ingest high amounts of THC through a hemp CBD product. The market is unregulated, so you must pay special attention to the level of THC in the CBD product, besides several other ingredients.

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