Can You Be Allergic To CBD?

Allergic To CBD
Allergic To CBD
Allergic To CBD
Allergic To CBD

Most of us know that CBD is a compound that is obtained from the hemp plant. Hemp is a kind of cannabis plant and many of us can be allergic to cannabis. You might now be dismayed that you are allergic to CBD too. Allergic reactions to CBD oil are not so common but are possible.

Statistics Of Allergies In The United States 

About half of the population of the country is allergic to one thing or the other. Two of the commonly observed allergic reactions are hay fever and allergic rhinitis. As per the recent statistics, it affects 10 to 30% of US citizens. Most of the common types of allergies have treatments. For instance, hay fever tablets are available over the counter. However, treating severe types of allergies can be a bit more difficult.

Mechanism Of Allergies 

Many of us might be familiar with allergies. It can result in itching, watery eyes, sneezing, etc, and in severe cases, difficulty in breathing. The immune system is accountable for these reactions. In usual cases, the immune system of our body will be able to differentiate between harmful and harmless substances. However, the system can be confused at times.

When an allergic reaction occurs, the immune system will wrongly identify harmless compounds as potential dangers. This will result in the system making antibodies to attack these things. Antibodies will be formed in the body each time it encounters the compound that is causing the allergy. Histamines act as antibodies in case of plant allergies like hay fever. Antihistamines are commonly used to treat these allergies. CBD allergies come under the category of plant allergies.

Allergy To CBD                 

A person can be allergic to marijuana and in such a case the person might be allergic to CBD too. Eating, smoking, or coming in contact with the cannabis plant in any way can trigger allergic reactions to cannabis. As per the results of a study conducted in 2018, people who are allergic to mold, cat dander, and plants are at an increased risk of developing cannabis allergy. This is as per a single study and more research are needed to establish a connection between these allergies.

There are only limited studies on CBD allergies and the data is expected to grow with the increase in the number of CBD users. CBD products are generally considered safe to use and allergic reactions to CBD are rare, but there is a chance for its occurrence. Therefore, those people with preexisting allergic conditions should be careful while using CBD products.

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